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WALTER raspberry wines

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Walter is a winery that turns the best raspberry in the world, the one that grows in the raspberry orchards of Serbia, into wine. The procedure is completely natural, based on alcoholic fermentation of raspberries. It preserves all those properties that make the noble raspberry considered the healthiest of all fruits.

Walter winery wines extend the shelf life of pure juice obtained from freshly picked raspberries, so that sublime nectar can be used years after the raspberries have made their way from the raspberries to the bottles in which the wine is stored.


Dry raspberry wine, which contains 11% of ethanol, is the greatest Joy of the Walter winery. The health with which it feeds the human body is felt in every sip.

This red wine successfully retains and faithfully conveys the beautiful aroma and original refreshing acidity of Willamette raspberry. The dark ruby color provides additional pleasure while drinking this top quality drink. The aftertaste in the mouth is a gift of nature and of the Walter winery, the defender of that treasure.

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Semi-dry raspberry wine, which contains 9.5% of ethanol, is an additional delight in the offer of the Walter winery. It brings with it the enjoyment of every moment in which it is drunk.

This red wine delights with its transparent ruby color. Along with the aesthetic experience, it brings the invigorating taste of raspberry juice. The moderate sweetness that remains in the mouth appeals to people eager to try the gifts of nature.

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